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The Legend of the ThunderBird

The legend of theThunderBird was mystically brought to the Indians of the Northwest during a time of
great need.  It was during a a very difficult series of harsh seasons that brought starvation and despair upon the people of the far Northwest.

In an effort to save their people, a ceremony was held asking the gods for help in overcoming their plight. 
The Gods realizing the perilous situation, sent forth a large winged creature that crackled Thunder as it flapped its wings.

So large was this bird, it blocked out the sun when it flew past. 
To end the Indians starvation, the ThunderBird plucked  from the ocean a Killer Whale
which the Indians were able to eat and fend off their starvation. 

It is said where the ThunderBird placed the great whale, a valley was formed.
This is why you see valleys in the Northwest where there are no trees.

The Gods then promised the Indians that so long as they passed on the legend of the ThunderBird through their
stories, artworks, and other tokens of appreciation, the Indians would never go hungry.


ThunderBird Digital - 1999

In 1999, ThunderBird Digital was formed by Philip Partridge.  While looking for a company name, Philip came across
the legend of the ThunderBird.  In El Paso on the Westside of Mt. Franklin there is a ThunderBird image etched into the side of
of the mountain.

Realizing that he wanted to start a company without going hungry, he decided to call his company ThunderBird Digital
to honor the Legend of the ThunderBird while emphasizing the importance of Technology in today's society.

Focusing on bringing peoples stories to the forefront through various technologies,
Thunderbird Digital has continued to grow and thrive through difficult economic times.

Philip Partridge truly believes the succes of ThunderBird Digital has been in
large part due to the Legend of the ThunderBird.

Which is truly the story of God!


If you have a story to tell, contact ThunderBird Digital
and we will help it come to life while you never go hungry.


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