ThunderBird Digital provides excellence in archival services.

Film Transfers to DVD, Video Duplications and Audio restoration
are just a few of our most popular services.

ThunderBird Digital offers complete Audio/Video restoration services from
virtually any Audio/Video source ever developed.

VHS, Beta, 8mm. Mini-DV, LaserDisc, DVD, Hi-8, Digital 8, and High Definition Mini-DV are the most common consumer formats that ThunderBird Digital transfers.

Professional formats include
BetaCam SP, 3/4" U-Matic, 1" C-format, D2, and occasionally
other formats that have existed
throughout A/V history.

Our Film transfer services are predominately done for 8mm, Super 8,
and 16mm Film with or without sound.

Audio transfers include LPs (albums),
cassttes, reel-to-reel, CDs, and any of the new digital formats (mp3, aiff, wav, etc.).

Trust us, we know what we are doing, and we enjoy preserving your archives for you.

ThunderBird Digital's prices are
reasonable and our quality & reputation is the best.

Thank You.

Expert Level Video Specialists

Preserving your Images, Films and Creative
Resources is what we do best.


4134 N. MESA   EL PASO, TEXAS 79902915-532-2861

Film/Video Transfers
*Video Transfers - DVD, VHS. 8mm. Hi-8, Digital 8. Mini DV, DVC Pro, Betacam. Old Beta, 3/4", D2,
Even Cell Phone Videos
Any format converted to any other format.
Same day service.
Photo/Film Transfers
* Film Transfers - 8mm/16mm films transferred to Digital/DVD formats
* Photo Transfers - Photo Prints/35mm slides scanned to DVD
* Digital file transfers - upload/downloads from any source

Audio Transfers

*Audio Transfers - CD, Cassette, Reel-to-Reel, LP, Microcassette, etc.
Digital Audio transfers/conversions - MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc.
Any format converted to CD or Digital file. Same day service.

Audio/Video Editing

Broadcast/Business Video Productions - Complete On-Site A/V Services
Final Cut Pro & AVID Media Composer Editing Stations

Audio/Video Recording

Broadcast Quality 3CCD/Digital Video Recording
15'x 20' Video/Soundstage -
Soundtrack Pro Audio Workstation.
Duplication Services


CD/DVD Duplication - 1-1000s
CD/DVD Labeling/Packaging - Retail Ready w barcoding
Full color Laser Inserts - Shrinkwrap Packaging

Internet Applications


Content Development
Content Leasing & Purchasing
WebPage Layout & Design
Internet Video Delivery
File Uploading/Downloading
Video Capture of Websites/Video Archiving

Print Production


Magazine/Book/Advertising Layout & Design
3-D Graphics, Art Direction, Illustrations, Image Development
Pre-Press File uploading Downloading
Concept to Completion Press Fulfillment




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